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About Me

"I wanted to acquire skills that would make me a better Project manager and communicator"

In 2013 I had completed my studies in web development. I had originally enrolled because I wanted to acquire skills that would make me a better project manager and communicator with developers and designers. I realized though that coding web apps wasn't the creative outlet I was looking for, however, it was instrumental in learning how search engines work under the hood.

I had always enjoyed playing around with video. I would make travel films with my phone and put them online and I found myself spending hours on YouTube watching tips and tutorials on editing, and filmmaking.


"I knew this was what i wanted to do"

I had been approached by a well known fitness instructor who needed help shooting video for his YouTube channel. I happily accepted the challenge and borrowed some more capable camera gear from a friend, for the project. I was hooked! I knew this was what I wanted to do and within a few months he had gained thousands of subscribers interested in his content.

Being able to understand the technical side of SEO has helped me become an effective marketer and content strategist. It's that technical ability combined with my love for video that allows me to express myself creatively while making content that gets ranked and generates traffic.

Since those humble beginnings I've been able to grow my video production capabilities. I've also helped many more clients develop effective content marketing strategies, allowing them to grow their business by building an audience of people interested in what they know.

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