All Up In Your Lady Business

How to Start a Profitable Podcast That Grows Your Brand - Craft + Commerce Workshop


All Up In Your Lady Business is a podcast co-hosted by Jaclyn Mellone and Jessica Stansberry.

Jaclyn Mellone is a New York-based marketing & mindset mentor. She helps her clients build their personal brand and hone in on their zone of genius.

Jessica Stansberry is a video content creator and marketing strategist. Jessica helps her clients grow bigger, better, businesses, though video content marketing.

 Left: Jaclyn Mellone - Right: Jessica Stansberry, co-hosts of the  All Up In Your Lady Business Podcast

Left: Jaclyn Mellone - Right: Jessica Stansberry, co-hosts of the All Up In Your Lady Business Podcast

The Objective

Jaclyn and Jessica had approached me to document their workshop on how to start a successful podcast, held at Seva's, Craft + Commerce Conference.

Their main objectives were to:

  • Capture the workshop in 1080p HD resolution that could then be used in highlight reels that would incorporate clips of other workshops and events.
  • Capture high-resolution images for web and social media use.

Filming Day


I had shown up to the main stage about 20 minutes early to prepare my camera gear, test audio levels, and to make sure I was on the same page with Jaclyn and Jessica about the requirements for the project.



They had mentioned they didn't care too much about audio but that they were mostly interested in being able to use clips from the footage for highlight reels they might like to make in the future. Highlight reels are videos that demonstrate their experience and expertise in teaching what they know.

Similarily, the clips can now be used as b-roll for any other videos they might like to produce, like for their YouTube channels or IGTV for example.


Frame Rates

Being that the emphasis was really on the video itself, I decided to shoot in 30fps allowing them the option of slowing down the footage to 80% of its normal speed, giving it that dreamy, music video-like feel.

The workshop itself, was approximately 75 minutes in length. I had shot continuously the whole time making sure to get various angles of the co-hostesses, allowing them variety in their future edits.

YouTube Video




Because I had shot continuously for the better part of 75 minutes or so, my file was gigantic! About 50GB.

The very first thing I do with client projects is backup the data to multiple locations. I take extreme care to protect our time and investment in the project.



The editing process was really straight forward. No fancy edits, animations, or colour grades. Just a simple colour correction so that everything is nice and crisp.



And because I'm a firm believer in not wasting good content, the first thing I did after importing was master the audio and export it as a stand-alone file. Its just one more piece of content that can be used as a podcast or audio snippets for other projects.



When you're working with someone like Jessica, who knows how to edit (and who has a great YouTube channel by the way). You just want to give them the best platform to do their thing and stay out of their way. I love that.

After the colour grade, I exported for YouTube as the priority platform because it allows for the highest resolution and bitrate. This will ensure that the video will look good across all platforms.


The Dilemma

When shooting any kind of event where the client wants both videos and stills, you really need to think about how to best make that happen.

Its near impossible to continuously flip back and forth as you're forever adjusting the exposure between video and stills. This is a sure-fire way to fail at both.

With workshops like this, they are split in to about a 65 minute lecture with a 10 - 15 minute Q&A at the end. This works out well because the heart of the content lies in the lecture, which is the top priority.

The Q&A lends itself well for capturing still images which is great because it allows me to get more compositions of the hosts interacting with the attendees, which you don't get during the lecture.


Sound Cloud Podcast


The Results

As you can see I was able to achieve the goals set out by Jaclyn & Jessica, no problem.

This was a fun project for some really great clients. I love working with clients who are killing it in their niche. 


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