The Benefit on The Bridge

Presented by... Red Deer Centre Fest Street Performer Festival


What is Centre Fest?

Centre Fest is a festival that showcases musicians and street entertainers and is held in downtown Red Deer every summer.

I was approached back in February of 2018 by a committee member tasked with the logistics and planning of a fundraising event called the Benefit on the Bridge.

What Is the benefit on the bridge?

The Benefit on the Bridge is a dinner/fundraiser hosted on the old train bridge that crosses the Red Deer River adjacent to the 67th street bridge. This event is one of the main income-generators for the main Centre Fest festival

Proceeds from ticket sales of the Benefit on the Bridge help make Centre Fest possible. Patrons are treated to dinner and drinks provided by a select group of vendors while enjoying musical entertainment and performances by a local entertainers.

Red Deer Centre Fest - Benefit on the Bridge - Matt Eldon Videography Red Deer

The Objective

The objective was to capture the event on video and to create a promo video that could be used on social media to bring awareness to future Benefits on the Bridge and to the main Centre Fest event.

The Polyjesters at the Benefit on the Bridge - Centre Fest Red Deer Alberta - Matt Eldon Videography.jpg

The challenge

While this project went perfectly, my biggest challenge was trying to get the right compositions of the band, The Polyjesters and our entertainer, Flyin’ Bob Palmer, without disrupting the view of the guests.

As with any video that is going to be used for promotional purposes, there is the issue of music licensing. While I have excellent resources for royalty-free music, in this instance the music I had wasn’t an accurate representation of the atmosphere or vibe we experienced that evening.

To address this, I reached out to our musical entertainment, The Polyjesters, and they were more than happy to grant me access to their recorded songs for use in the video.


The Results

Overall this was an excellent project. We were able to achieve the goal of building a compelling promo video that delivered on the objectives requested by the Centre Fest committee.

At the time of this writing, the video has been seen well over a thousand times across all channels; Instagram, Facebook, and web and continues to get views.

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